Wright Of Way Consultancy Group​ is a London, Ontario-based consultancy firm that provides advisory services customized to address strategy processes and Innovation needs to leading firms and organizations of all sizes. Our engagement focus on adding value to client organizations' while providing solutions which are practical, creative, Equity driven, community Sourced and implementable, allowing for the continuous generation of value, optimal operations, and high-impact results. Our portfolio of experience spans a wide range of business partners in the not-for-profit, private and public sectors with increased focus on our Key Practice areas.

We boast a deep roster of highly skilled and experienced consulting professionals, supplemented by Partnerships with other firms and a network of esteemed subject matter experts to augment our capabilities and service offerings. Our resources are able to leverage industry expertise and cross-sector leading practices to quickly identify the root causes of issues and to design practical and innovative solutions that deliver impactful results. Our streamline approach means that there is no wasted effort and we customize our solutions to meet the needs of our clients, maximizing the output and value of every engagement. are four core service offerings provide solutions that bring Clarity and generate effective performance driven results

Malvin Wright | Executive Director

Our Executive Director provides Executive Oversight for this project. He also serves as your engagement partner. He brings a track record of ensuring project outcomes exceed client expectations and are delivered on time and on budget. Malvin has a deep background in Public Policy, Social Impact and Community Development.
Malvin has led International Global Health projects, programs and campaigns in over 4 countries globally: being deployed to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal. Most notably Malvin led the development of Inuit Employment Strategy (IES), with the Government of Nunavut, Dept. Health. He also recently led the development of the South West LHIN’s 2019 Strategic plan, Integrated Health Services plan and Annual Business plan while also leading the development and implementation of the organizations Project Management Office (PMO). Malvin has led Global Health projects in over four countries globally while strengthening help systems through the creation of participatory approaches and Community empowerment. Malvin is a founding member of the Black London Network (BLN), the Executive Director for the Black London Project (BLP) and also serves on the Board of Directors with Pillar Not-For-Profit.

Taha Tabish

Has been working in the field of community-based research, community empowerment, and technology for over a decade in West Africa and the Canadian Arctic. Taha has a Master of Public Health from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Linguistics from the University of Toronto. \\ He loves crunching data, and working with communities to answer research questions that are relevant to them.

Mariam Dutse Malu

Mariam Dutse Malu was born and raised near Jos, Central Nigeria, and studied Computer Sciences at undergraduate level at the University of Jos before relocating to Glasgow, UK. There, she pursued her interest in community development with a Masters in Education degree at the University of Glasgow. During this experience she was actively engaged in community organizing as well as mentoring of inner-city youth in troubled suburbs of Glasgow. She is now three years into her Canada experience and has continued to explore avenues by which she may give back to her community and improve the lot of the disadvantaged. She has a passion for raising awareness concerning the plight of the oppressed in society.